As you may guess I'm the one with no hair. This was taken just before my last Chemo treatment and just before radiation. The group of ladies are from our Cancer Resource Center in Bend Oregon. The young man is our staff partner for Relay for LIfe and the gal beside him is a two time lung cancer survivor and my caregiver. In May of 2008 I had found out to my suprise I had breast cancer. I had not had a momogram in 3 years since I had no insurance. I found out about the free momograms and since my family has a history I thought I had better get one. The rest of you know what happen next. I am on the road to recovery and staying involved with Relay for Life.. For the last 8 years I have been involved in getting funds to help with research and educations. I am now going to be walking my 2nd survivor lap, it is my goal someday no one will have to hear those words You have cancer. Stay well my sisters and may the rest of your years be cancer free. Power to the Pink.
Carol Gray
La Pine, OR