"Thriving Through Breast Cancer"

One of the most feared things a woman can hear are the words "you have breast cancer". I remember last July, lying in bed and finding a lump on my left breast. Immediately, I jumped up to the mirror. I anxiously awaited the next morning, couldn't wait until 8 am to call my doctor to get an appointment. I received my appointment and on my way there I am thinking it is probably nothing, don't worry. After the exams, my doctor recommended that I have a biopsy to determine what was going on. I had a biopsy and was awaiting the results. Feeling pretty sure it was probably benign only to hear the words, "Mrs. McCaskill, it is malignant!" My entire body went numb and I couldn't believe my ears. Out of all days I told my husband he didn't have to come with me to get my results, well it was one of those days I needed him there. Nevertheless I called him and said, "Hey (trying not to sound upset at all), it's malignant. Waiting his response, I heard him say, that's alright, and we are going to be alright! WOW! I remember driving down 85 South still trying to grasp this diagnosis and I heard the words of the Lord say: "You shall live and not die". That was it! That was all of the confirmation that I needed. After that day, of course I had more biopsies to come, MRI, CAT Scans; you name it in the days ahead. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and everything is all Good! I have begun a foundation called "Earth Angel" where our motto is "A Cure On Earth"
Angel M. McCaskill
Gastonia, NC