Throat cancer

;HI,I was diagnose with cancer June 2006.I have head,throat and face cancer.Going through chemo and radiation can be a very lonely,difficult journey.With the support of my husband,family and friends my journey was alot easier.I cried when I lost my hair and all the obstacles i crossed.Emotions seem to play a crucial part in the genesis and healing of serious disease such as cancer and other illness(and literally,laughter seems to be one type of medicine).As I'm in healing now"For me the first and hardest part was healing the mind,....Once I believed with my heart that my body can overcome the disease there was an big improvement in my general health"What I want to point out is.....Never give up and laugh as much as you can,don't forget to love yourself. Hope to hear from you.Love to all and God Bless you. PS: Mine was in my tonsils and Lmph nodes.I finished treatments in 2007. I am in remission,but the radiation left me with some severe side effects,that I am now dealing with.I can't hardly talk or swallow.I now have anxiety attacks.I am although thankful that I am alive...Love to all the cancer patients.

Sharon Hadrava
Newark, OH