Trying to find humor

I found out that I had breast cancer in 2004. My Mom had died of breast cancer in 1992. So, I was very scared of getting this diagnosis, but not entirely surprised. I knew it could run in families. I had turned 40 years old and wanted to do something to honor my Mom. I decided to walk in the Avon Breast Cancer walk. It was while training for the 2 day walk that I found I that I would not only be walking to honor my mother, but I would be walking for me, too. I was able to do the walk at the beginning of July and then I had my mastectomy at the end of July. I had chemotherapy which of course made me lose my hair. One thing through out my recovery process was trying to find humor in things. So, when my hair did begin to finally grow back in. I had lots of fun coloring it different colors. The picture I sent is Easter 2005 where I was trying to look like a painted easter egg. Well, I guess I can't load the picture. My hair was about a half an inch long and I had it striped purple, pink, blue and green. May anyone that is diagnosed with cancer remember to accept help from others and try to laugh at least a little.
Cathy Gaughan
Concord, CA