Two time breast cancer survivor

A large lump was discovered on my left breast in the fall of 1998. I had a lumpectomy, then a grochon catheter, then chemo (all within three weeks), I had some bad reactions to one of the meds and was very sick. My white blood cell count kept dropping, so I got shots every day. If the count was low, I couldn't get chemo, so I made a lot of trips to the cancer center - I felt like I lived there. That went on for six months, then I had 34 days of radiation - more trips to the clinic. I missed a year of work, but was ok. Then in 2002, another lump was found in the same place. They couldn't do a lumpectomy, so my husband and I decided to have a complete double mastectomy. I was a size D, so I really don't miss having them. Now, for the good news, I'm fine now after all these years. I still get checked once a year. What got me through all that was the Lord and my wonderful husband of almost 50 years. I'm 70 now and he's 73. Just because you go through breast cancer (or any cancer) doesn't mean you won't come out of it to have a good life, so keep smiling, be positive, have a sense of humor, and you'll make it.
Peyton, CO