Two years and counting!

June 17, 2007 I went in for my yearly mamogram, I was stunned. I had breast cancer in the right breast, and needed a mastectomy. I went home and gave this alot of thought and decided that I would take both breasts in order not to have to go through this again. I told my husband and sister that was until I decided I could tell my children together. July 23, 2007 a bi-lateral mastectomy. Sure enough they found cancer in the left breast. The right had 2 positive nodes and the left zero. Tomorrow is my two year survivior date. I have two teenage children and a great husband. 8 weeks of chemo and 33 days of radiation I am still here.One of my best days was when my onconologist said here is a prescription for Femera you will need to take this for 10 years!! Yippie I will take that. I Thank God for my sister she was and is my best supporter when I wanted to cry and not show them how I was really feeling she has always been there. I am a very private person this is the first time I have shared my feelings. Everyone is different and I will tell you I read every story daily and pray for each one. I click every day for women to be tested. Thank you to all the ladies that had the courage to share it is so important to all of us. Don't wait, just get tested. God bless us all today and forever.
Orlando, FL