Ultrasounds are wonderful!

I am 42 years old and have been having mammograms since I was 35. This year was different. Thanks to the wonderful people at the Charleston Breast Center, they detected a tumor in my left breast that you cannot feel or even see on a mammogram. An ultrasound found the cancer. I am having surgery this week and feel very positive about the outcome. Hopefully every woman will benefit from early detection like I have. My words of advice are simple....don't wait to get screened. It can change your life. Without the Charleston Breast Center and their belief of taking that "extra step", this tumor may not have been found for another year or even longer. They are proactive as we all should be. Mammograms do not hurt and all women should begin getting an early screening even before they are 40. I also feel very blessed to have a supporting family and wonderful friends who are there with me. I remain positive and am looking forward to many years with my son, husband, family and friends.
Shelley Massalon
Charleston, SC