Unbelievable but going through all of the treatments......

In November 2008, I was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer after I found a lump in my left breast. I thought it was a cyst, but it turned out to be a very large cancerous mass and I am now, in July 2009. going through radiation as part of my treatment. My nipple turned inward and I immediately got going for exams, mammograms, ultra sounds, core needle biopsies, diagnoses and treatment. I had to have chemo first, then my mastectomy, and now the radiation. Ladies, please be aware that you CAN have pain with breast cancer and that if you find a lump, GO NOW and get it investigated. I had a cyst many yeats ago and it was removed and found to be benign. It is scary and I am glad for all of the people that I know that have been supportive. I was only 51 when it was diagnosed and hope to have a lot more years left. You lose your hair and go through some extremely tough times, but the focus has to be on getting well. I hope that there is a cure for me and for all of the women that discover that they have this disease. Please everyone, keep supporting breast cancer research, detection, and treatment programs out there. We need the help.
San Diego, CA