Vivian's Story

I was 35 when I had a base line mamogram , my mother's sister had breast cancer in her left breast first then her right. So I had a mamogram and it show micro califications in my left breast. But no Dr. had told me this until I was 40 and had both sides mamogramed. Then they said they would watch it every 6 months for change. So I went back after 6 months, nothing had changed. In Dec. 2001 I was due to have both sides done so I went in and I felt a lump on my left breat, but I didn't think much about it, I had very large breasts and they were fiberous. But then I kept feeling it and the next week they called and said I would have to have another mamogram and ultra sound. Then I focused on the lump and it was the day after christmas when I went back and I knew in my stomcah something was not right. The lump was changing and I could feel it. After that appointment they sent me straight to the surgeons office and there it was two areas ,one mass and the other micro califications. I had a sterotactic biopsy done and the test result were in that both areas were cancerous.So I had my left breast removed and 4 rounds of chemo, reconstuctive surgery, and breast reduction on the right side. I have had 3 different implants on my left side and it still is not right. But through this journey I have learned a lot about myself ,my faith, my familly & friends. I have meet wonderful people and made new friends along the way. I discovered how strong I can be, to take charge of my health,to always count your blessings.
Vivian Ringold
Maple Grove, MN