What cancer didn't take

What Cancer Didn't Take Cancer invaded my home, my family. It took my mother as it's victim, it slowly seeped into this beautiful soul and buried itself deep down. Cancer preys on unsuspecting souls. Weak or healthy, young or old. But this time , it picked a fighter . My mom didn't go down without a fight . When it claimed her breast, she bought a new one. When it thinned her hair, we shaved it. When it put toxic poison in her body , she fought it. When it made her so weak and tired, she took a break and got right back up. When it threatened to take control of her body, she shouted " YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY SOUL". She held on to her sense of humor, her strength, courage, and her love for her family. When it started to take her ability to do simple things, she challenged it and won some fights. Cancer may have taken my mothers but it only took her body, I still have her love, heart, and soul. A million memories , her traits of being a wonderful woman and mother, and the courage and strength to face anything. In memory of Denise Toth 6-11-49 - 2-23-13
Elizabeth toth
North Tonawanda, NY