When I'm Healed

This is how it’s made me feel and I write this so you know, That cancer can be beaten but may often make you low. It changes you, surprises you, but it doesn’t have to win, So I’ll show myself with scars and all and hopefully you'll listen. When my scabs are healed, I’ll post a pic though some may find it shocking, But it’s better than a photograph of me laid out in a coffin! And though it’s not a nice thought, it could have been so real, That’s why it’s vitally important to give your boobs a feel! My lump was like a time-bomb which would detonate quite fast, And if I had ignored it, Christmas may have been my last. I know that sounds dramatic but cancer is unjust, So early diagnosis is a life-saving must! It’s strange now to have a massive wound where once there was a titty, It’s made me doubt my confidence and at times I’ve felt quite shitty. It was daunting and a bit scary to go under the surgeon’s knife, But it was just a boob and worth the loss in exchange for a long life. Now I’m overjoyed to be alive and still championing my fight, Though the road has been a bumpy one, at last the end is now in sight. The chemo is hard going and there are times I want to cave, Then I think of the alternative and it helps me to be brave. But I am so odd, my boob has gone and now my hair has too, I must admit, it is a shock to find me looking as I do. But it will all be worth it when they give me the all clear, And Benidorm watch out, we’ll have the party of the year! So please my friends, I ask of you, do as I request, Give yourself a bloody good examination of your chest. Hopefully you’ll find nothing but don’t panic if you do, You can join my club and be a proud survivor too!
Samantha Munro-Webb
Murcia, Spain