“I'm right here, standing beside you--holding you up as the tiredness of your last chemotherapy treatment is taking over. Now is the time for you to rest. Rest is healing. My Angels will be watching over you.” “I'm right here, behind you--giving you gentle pushes forward since you are not feeling as strong in yourself today.” “I'm right here, in front of you--leading the way over this rough cancer road, helping to make it a little more bearable.” “I'm right here, inside you--as difficult as your journey is for you, you can still reach out and help others. I will help you to accomplish more than you thought possible.” “I'm right here. I am your boss. I am your father. I love you like no other can.” And in the fall of 2010, while I was in treatment for breast cancer, He was right there in answer to my prayers--I wanted to help other women as they, too, traveled their own unique cancer journeys. He is here when I ask Him to help me author special letters and testimonials. He is right here, answering prayers that I have not even thought to say yet. He is right here, meeting every need I have in order to administer The Sparkle Caps Project, as we uplift, empower, love and pray for other women through sponsored Sparkle Caps gift bags. He is right here, helping me to tell other women that, in spite of our hair loss, we are HOT CHICKS; that our hair is not tied to our femininity. WHERE ARE YOU? “I am in you! And I am in you! And I am in you! I know your pain. I know your fears. Trust in Me and trust the plan that I have for you!”
Susan "Victorious" Heimbigner
Sumter, SC