Winning the fight

My first DX was in 2004. Invasive Ductal Cancer. I had a lumpectomy, Mammosite radiation and tamoxifen treatment. I found out that year, my cousin had BRCA2, and she died from Ovarian, her daughter from Breast Cancer. My sister got tested, she was positve for the gene, I was negative. She did an immediate hysterectomy and her breast cancer was found 3 months later. She did a bi-lat mastectomy with saline implants. we thought we were through it all. 3 yrs later I had a recurrence, found in same breast, same cancer Er/Pr+/Her2-. I had a tram flap reconstruction immediately with my bilateral mastectomy. Next wasChemo- AC which put me into the hospital 1 week after chemo started. I was neutropenic. They found pneumonia as well. I was released Christmas Eve, after 1 week in isolation.. I finished the rest of my chemo and its been 18 months as a 2nd time survivor. God never gives us more than we can handle and I believe things happen for a reason. I remember how scary it was the first time, fear of the unknown. I wasn't really scared with the 2nd diagnosis, just annoyed knowing it was gonna happen again, only this time I was gonna lose the breasts, that was emotional for me. But the choice to live a long life was a no brainer-off with the breasts. Today, I say thru the Grace of God and the love of my beautiful family and all my great doctors & staff at DCFI and BWH in Boston, I was able to beat it twice and I am Winning the Fight!! God Bless all my sisters out there.......Be Strong, it is a winnable War- this beast called Breast cancer and you've got to fight it to win!!!
Clarice (TC)
Southington, CT