Wow 2014 a year to remember!

I would like to commend everyone who is fighting the fight and The Breast Cancer Site too; this site helped me through my darkest hours during my treatment. To know that I was not alone, the stories and the words of encouragement that I read helped to keep me positive. I am healthy & active 54 year with no history of any cancer. On a Wed., March 2014 one year to the date of my last mammogram I was called back by the radiologist who has read my mammograms for 14 years - there was a spot; he wanted me to come in the following Mon., I said NO I want to come in today; 1:30 p.m. sonogram performed then suggested a biopsy, 10 long days passed before the results, it was BC. Wow, thank god my husband was home that morning. The next step a surgeon appt - after many tests. Surgery was scheduled for a lumpectomy. After another 5 long days final results Stage 1 ER+ PR+ HER+ oncology report 19 No Lymph Nodes Clear Margin (Thank GOD) but chemo was a sure thing due to the HER2 gene. 6 rounds of chemo with Herceptin, finished chemo late August then 33 rounds of radiation. Herceptin to continue until April 2015. It was brutal - but I got up every morning went to work. I needed to - it kept my mind busy. Being busy helped me to shake the up and down feelings. Besides the treatment so many other things went wrong in the year of 2014, I truly feel I was being tested to see how strong I really was. I have always been a spiritual person but now even more - everyday I pray and thank God for early detection; I thank God for my support team of friends, family; coworkers & Dr's but most of all my husband of 36 years. I truly learned what "In Sickness & Health" means, he never left my side! I still wake up and say "Wow", but I tell myself that I am going to be alright!
Marana, AZ