Yearly Mamograms

Breast Cancer, runs in my family. My Mother, her sister, and now me. After my yearly mamogram in August 1999, I received a call asking me to come back for a better look at something suspicious. As there was no noticeable tumor, but calcification looking like it was hanging, or being pulled down, a needle biopsy was done. In the portion of tissue removed, and under a microscope was a tiny tumor. This tumor contained 3 types of cancer. One of the cancers, an insitsu, I was told, was not only in the right breast, but mostly likely in the left or would be. After a second opinion, and much research I opted to have a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy and reconstruction using a tram-flap. After the removal of both breasts, the plastic surgeon used my stomach muscle, taking it up through my ribs to form my breast mounds, and the fat from my stomach filled my new mounds. I went into surgery with breasts, and I woke up with breasts. An amazing experience! It's almost ten years later, and I feel great! My yearly mamogram and early detection saved my life. I urge every woman to be diligent about a yearly mamogram. I just shared with you how It makes a difference.
Patricia Rosenzweig
Philadelphia, PA