You Can Survive

I found a lump while having a shower. I had just returned to work after suffering post-natal depression. My little boy was 17 months old and my mum had died from cancer 10 weeks before he was born. I had a left-side mastectomy on the 17th of December 2003 and came home. 0n the 23rd of December, I still had my drains in, but as a single mum was adamant I would be home for Christmas. In 2004 it was decided I should have 8 chemotherapy sessions and 15 radiotherapy sessions. I have had no other problems and have even gone on to have another baby boy in September 2008. I was 32 years old when my cancer was diagnosed. I am now looking forward to my reconstruction and a breast reduction. The only way is forward and I'm enjoying life to the max. Roll on the big 40 --!
Nicola Rochelle
Rochdale, United Kingdom