You Need a Great Attitude!

I just celebrated 16 years being a survivor. It's been a rough road. I have been thru it all but, I'm still HERE!! Thank you GOD!! I believe in the four things. First, the faith of God, Second the skillful hands of my doctor and their knowledge of Breast Cancer, Third my wonderful friends and family who keep me going and are always there, Fourth the most important thing a great ATTITUDE!! I have had 3 lumpectomy and finally a mastectomy all on the same breast. Later it advanced thru several bones. I had chemo and radiation several times. Feeding Tubes and womb vac. When I was first diagnosed in 1994 just a few months before my wedding. I first said why me and I'm going to die. Then I said no I'm not going to die and why not me. I will fight this and I will walk down the aisle to meet my husband who I was engaged to for 13 years. I did make my wedding and it was beautiful. Life is tough and you never know what is in store for you in the future. You have to have faith in God and a great Attitude. I try to help in anyway I can. Many of my friends ask me if I can talk to this one or that one. I never refuse. I guess I help because before we end out conversation they are laughing and they do call me on several occassions. Whether they had a bad day or not feeling well from their treatments I will be there for them. I will add one more thing, don't refuse help. People want to help it makes them feel less helpless. I always did. I felt like I was a burden. It's not. God Bless!!
Shelley LaCross
Westfield, MA