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Supply a Burmese Village Clinic for One Day

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Help provide vital health services in rural Burma.

Amidst extraordinary changes in Burma, significant challenges remain: the people of Burma continue to struggle with deep poverty, and suffer from preventable disease and high mortality. Working with community-based clinics that provide free primary health care services to over 160,000 people in Mandalay, Yangon, the Irrawaddy, and Karen state is one of the most effective ways of providing support to the people of Burma. These clinics also conduct minor surgery and provide community health education, both vital, effective services.

Your donation through this Gift That Gives More™ provides the daily essential medicines and supply costs for an entire village health clinic in Burma, each serving populations between 3,000-5,000 people. Medicines include antibiotics, anti-malarials, vitamins, supplements, and a wide range of other medicines to treat illnesses common to the area.

Update from the Field

August 2017

Mu Yu Phaw and babay

YOUR donations helped fund nine days worth of essential medicines and supplies for a community-based clinic in eastern Burma. Your generosity helped provide medical support for people like Mu Yu Phaw and her baby (pictured to the right). Mu Yu Phaw visited the village clinic in March 2017 because her 2-month old baby son was sick. She noticed that he had difficulty breathing and his nose was blocked. She was worried about his health. Her house is one mile away from the clinic and she walked with her baby. At the clinic, the staff examined the baby and noticed that the baby’s abdomen was a little sunken beneath the ribs, which could indicate a respiratory tract infection. However, after further assessment, the clinic staff the felt the sunken chest was more likely due to a blocked nose, as newborns breathe mainly through their noses. The staff provided Mu Yu Phaw with a course of antibiotics for her baby as a precaution, and saline nose drops to help unblock the child’s nose. They also asked the mother to ensure the baby was kept warm. They instructed her to bring the baby back immediately if his conditioned worsened, or otherwise return in two days for a further check-up. Mu Yu Phaw was relieved by the care that her baby received. She came back again two days later as instructed and the baby’s condition had improved greatly. His breathing had returned to normal and his nose was much less congested. Today, mother and baby are doing well, thanks to your donations.

Community Partners International is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable people in Burma/Myanmar's remote villages, underserved central areas, and conflict-affected regions where there is little to no access to health care. Our global network has partnered with more than 60 local organizations, collaborating on community-based health projects and providing health skills training, resources, and technical support.

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