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Send a Girl to School in Afghanistan

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Improving the education of girls is one of the most lasting ways to increase stability, prosperity, and peace. When girls have the opportunity to further their education, their standard of living rises, and their families have a better chance of escaping the crushing cycle of poverty.

In 1996, the Taliban regime outlawed the education of girls and women. In 2001, after the Taliban were overthrown, the Afghan government, along with the help of international aid agencies, began to slowly rebuild the education system. Before the opening of the Zabuli Education Center, girls in area villages had no way to obtain even the most basic formal education. In a country where the literacy rate for women is less than 15%, only 14% of elementary school-aged girls are in school, and up to 30% of school-aged children support their families, the free education provided by the Zabuli Education Center is invaluable.

316 girls ages 4-14 attend the Zabuli Education Center. Your donation helps cover the cost of a girl's school year: her school supplies, books, lunches, even her uniform and shoes.

Help put a young Afghan girl on a path to possibility! $21 sends a girl to school for a month in Afghanistan; $250 allows one Afghan girl to go to school for the year.

Report from the Field

January 2017

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Donors like you made it possible for four girls to continue their education for an additional four-month period. One of these bright young girls is Nadera (pictured left). Nadera is sixteen years old and in eleventh grade. Her father is currently unemployed, and her mother is a homemaker. She has three sisters and one brother. Two of her elder sisters never had the opportunity to go to school; they never learned to read or write, and are illiterate. Both are now married. Luckily for Nadera and her youngest sister, third-grader Nadia, the Zabuli Education Center and GreaterGood.org are making a different outcome possible. Nadera started attending the Zabuli Education Center just two years ago, beginning in ninth grade in 2014. She has always been known as a punctual and kind classmate, who studies all her subjects eagerly, especially English and math. She can read and write English very well and enjoys reading books of all genres. She is a hairdresser as well; she’s able to make creative and beautiful hair shapes. But she has greater ambitions: Nadera wants to become a doctor when she grows up, to serve her people.

September 2016, Russell Kniffen - Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation

Because of the generosity of GreaterGood.org donors, we have been able to pay for eight girls to have full schooling for four months, from June through September. These girls€™ lives have been changed forever. One of these girls is Fakhria. She is 15 years old and in the tenth grade. When she is older she wants to become a doctor and is very grateful for the donations that are helping her on her journey.

Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Afghanistan through community-based education. The organization was founded on the belief that education is essential for positive, peaceful change for current and future generations. The foundation strives to provide opportunities to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment, empowering girls and women through education and resources so that they may work toward brighter futures — in their own villages and beyond.

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